Rabu, 28 April 2010

Ryder 296

Today is the last day of the class..
yes..it is going to the end..
I have no idea why it's getting faster near the end..

so, this morning when I woke up..
I know it's gonna be the last day of the class
and I know this is the "Boring" class
So I decided to come late..

But then, a text from my friend appear..
It said the class for today in Ryder 296..
I was surprised.. that class..was the class that I used in the previous semester
When I arrived there, it was still the same..except the classmates and the teacher, of course.

I sat near the backboard
I saw my surroundings.
I still remembered all of my classmates are sitting there listening to Sandy while he's walking around the class.
It was the best experience ever..
And I saw the projector above my head..
That thing..
we watched "The Outsider" for the last time together
but now? learning from the book for the last time..

Since this is the last day..
I tried to enjoy it..
BUt I couldn't
it just hard to share my feeling with my friends..
Usually it's easy to share with your friends, right?
maybe not in the mood?
Could be..

However, this is not the end.
we're gonna face the last duel tomorrow..
The SLEP test..

it's not a big deal..
but still a test that we need to fight for.

Farewell now..
Have a Good day

2 komentar:

Deni mengatakan...

brarti bntar lg km pulang dunk...
btw jangan lupa oleh2nya ya..
klo bisa oleh2nya ipad ato psp go. Itu aja uda cukup kok...

Abraham mengatakan...

buruan lah pulang cuy...
gw balik tanggal 8 nih...